warmX - silverSun

Designed by Michele Stinco


• Available for women (sizes S-XL) and men (sizes S-XL), long sleeve

• 72% Cotton / 6% Spandex / 20% PA / 2% pure Silver


• black

• Input: 100-240 Volt, 50-60 Hz
• Output: 12 Volt, 1250 mAmpere

Our products are TITV-tested!

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Professional's equipment for motorcyclists


Whether Nordic Walking, hiking, biking or rock-climbing – with this designer shirt you will be perfectly equipped. The shirt was developed following the principle of body mapping. A variety of knitting structures ventilate respectively warm the upper part of the body in appropriate regions and provide a comforting body - climate. Furthermore the area of the kidneys is actively warmed up by the unique warmX technology. Thus hypothermia provoked cold is efficiently prevented. Around the body regions with strong perspiration the shirt was knitted of pure silver plated thread – thus bacterial increases is inhibited and off odours are precluded.

Through intermixture of Spandex the shirt huddles closely to the skin and ensures optimum thermal transfer around the warming zones.
Furthermore the hands are prevented from getting cold by special length of the sleeves. These cover the back of the hand. A hole for the thumb provides perfect fit of the sleeves.


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• microprocessor controller
• high quality LI-ION cells without memory effect
• short circuit protection
• 3 heating modes (2, 4.5 and 7 watt)
• operating time up to 6 hours



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